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Friday, July 8, 2011

Flashback Friday: Glory Days

So I realize that I'm writing this after midnight, so technically its not Friday, but just work with me OK?   People talk about their college days like they were the best days of their lives, and for some, they were.  I'm hopeful that my future will be just as great, if not better then my college days.  I will always cherish my college days, they were the best 4 years yet.  College soccer, roommates, staying up all night, cute boys, life was good.  I was lucky to be able to play soccer at Cornerstone University, with amazing women whom mostly are still my close friends.  Amy Dierken ( Buskard) and I were in the same hall freshman year, as well as teammates.  We went through four years together, and she since has gotten married, and had three kids.  We had the chance to get together tonight, after four years of not seeing each other, it was so nice to just sit (walk) and catch up.  We walked through Grand Haven with our smoothies talking about our college days, how much life has changed since CU, and our coaching experiences.  No matter how much life changes and gets into the way, Amy and I are able to just laugh and hang out like the old days.  It was like no time had gone by, we were just two college friends in GH, laughing about everything and having a good time being girls. 

This picture is one of the many like this...freshman year, we boxed, made chicken and dumplings, and watched alot of movies.  Unfortunately, this is before my digital camera stage so i don't have a lot of pictures on the computer to share.  

I loved my soccer/college days, but what I love most is the relationships that have remained strong even 6 years later. Even though we all live in different area's of the USA. I know that if I ever needed any of them, I have at least 20 girls who have my back. 

Dierken Destroyer-  I loved seeing you tonight, may we not go 4 years without getting together again.  Next time, i'll come to you.  ;) 

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