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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just for fun : Karyn Johnson

I would like you to meet Karyn, we have known each other since we were kids.  We went to youth group together, and middle school (the awkward years for a lot of us). We never completely lost touch, but went to different colleges, and at different times came back home to both live with our parents. 

Karyn and I went to take some sunset pictures in June, and a guy on the pier asked if we were doing senior pictures.C'mon, we don't look that young. So it's been a joke that we were going to do some 10 year reunion pictures. (10 yeears!!! crazy.)  I recently bought a new lens, and i wanted to use it while scoping out some new spots.  So naturally, Karyn was my first choice to model for me....being that we would do some fun "senior picture" ideas, only better.  So here are some of my favorites from our outing. 

  Karyn hardly goes anywhere without some starbucks!  :)

 We love the beach, even though Karyn works way to much, and doesn't get there very often.


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